Trudi Netherwood

Women’s ADHD Coach &
Mid-Life Coach

Coaching women with ADHD – and women figuring out the mental & emotional changes of peri-menopause, menopause & beyond.

Rising strong as the women we are today

  • Understand and embrace your brain chemistry.
  • Discover new, happier ways to get things done.
  • Find clarity, motivation & peace of mind.

About Me

Personal & business coach since 2008

ICF Professional Certified Coach

ADDCA Advanced-ADHD-Coach Trained

and in my 50’s with ADHD

“Life-affirming, life-changing.”

“Incredibly empathetic and supportive – and at the same time uncompromising in helping you move forward.”

“I changed from being my own worst critic to my own greatest ally.”

“…warm and relatable…made it easy to open up and to work things out.”

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